Thahiti Surf

04. October 2012

After winter, came the departure mid of May to French Polynesia. After 5 years not going to Tahiti, Thierry Donard and his team met a warm welcome. The opportunities quickly appeared in Teahupoo. On the first day of the shooting, we met a 14 years old kid, Mathis Drollet, who took a bomb of 15 feets,towed by his brother Manoa, on a board without straps, lifejacket of helmet, in the pure Tahitian tradition.

So, Hira Teriinatoofa, Steven Pierson and Michel Bourez surfing, Patrice Chanzy, Peyo Lizzarazu and Aude Lionet Chanfour Stand Up Paddling offered us some impressive waves!

Thierry also brought with him Davide Carrera, one of the wolrd’s best apneists, able to stay static under water more than 8’. During the time our teams were filming surf with sometimes up to 3 different camera axes, Davide was hunting in the ocean to catch the dinner for the evening BBQ in Georges Riou’s Faré (Tahitian house), on the peninsula where we were based. The surfers quickly became attached to Davide who shared with them his passion and knowledge threw morning lessons of yoga, a smooth preparation for meeting the biggest pacific sharks, sometimes 60 meters deep with apneas longer than 4 minutes. It was certainly one of the most beautiful shooting from Nuit de la Glisse in Polynesia.

The reason of this exceptional stay is certainly linked to the fact that for years now, Nuit de la Glisse created friendship links in Tahiti and can now count on Rodolphe Vinh-Tung, our local production manager. We shall also thank Didier Philippe from Sopadep, Air Tahiti Nui, Manava Hotel and Yannis Saint-Pe from Fluid.

We pushed our limits on every aspects of this shooting, but far beyond that, our greatest relics will remain the connections we made inside this team who managed to change each instant of this adventure into a perfect moment.